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VSX 7000e not ready

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VSX 7000e not ready

Hello all,

I´m new at this forum and I´m looking for some information about how to setup a Polycom VSX7000e to make IP calls. We have a range of public ip addresses ready to use but I´m not sure about the H.323 service setup. We basically want to connect two of our offices. We are currently using standard ISDN lines. Is this a paid service, regarding the gatekeeper?

I will appreciate any help. I´m reading the admin setup documentation meanwhile.

Thanks in advance,

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Re: VSX 7000e not ready

Polycom VC end points are all native IP H.323 in all cases, so you don't need a Gatekeeper if it's going onto a Public IP address. (But I'd highly recommend a strong Admin password, changed regularly & disable Admin>Security>Telnet & SNMP & perhaps even HTTP).

Setup is then simply a question of ticking Admin>Network>Call Preferences H.323 (& H.239 if you want data sharing).

Also, Admin>LAN Properties "Connect to my LAN".  Then simply add the Public IP stack info.

Ideally, the IP VC endpoint should be behind a Firewall & Router. This config is a little more challenging & depends on the capabilities of your Router/Firewall.

Simply Admin>Network>IP>Firewall tick "Use Fixed Ports" That'll tell you what ports to open but assumes you realise ALL H.323 requires TCP1720 open bi-directionally asa well.

Then you need a static route from the Public to LAN Private IP address.

Don't assume your network stuff knows about H.460 & don't assume the NAT is H.323 compatible.

The other alternative, especially if you want multiple LAN IP devices to communicate through a Public IP address is to look at the Polycom VBP range.



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