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VSX 8000 curiosity

John Paschall
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VSX 8000 curiosity

Hi, I work at a community college that uses VSX 8000 on a couple of our campuses in different counties.  Friday before last, one of them was turned off. I got someone turn it back on, it did and it is running fine.  Last Friday, the other one did the same thing. While I could believe that someone just turned them off, the fact it was a week apart, and on the same day of week makes me wonder. Do VSX 8000s have a setting or feature that shuts down after so long being on, or does it mean something is wrong with the box or going to be wrong with them. WOuld like it to be nothing more than to say, someone turned it off or a blip in the power and it didn't turn back on, but the time of when they did and the closeness has me worried 

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Polycom Video EP PLM
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Re: VSX 8000 curiosity

There is not a trigger in the Polycom product that would shut off power to the unit. 


A lot of times this is done with human intervention, and a lot of times it is due to people worried they are 'being spied' on, so to make sure that is not happening they power off units.

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