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VSX7000 BootUI

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VSX7000 BootUI


I have an important issue with my VSX7000A.


When I turn it on, the main menu is not loaded but the BootUI screen (version 0.9.7A). It starts searching for an IP address, so I have to connect it to a DHCP server. Once it's got an IP address, it asks for a software update by means of softupdate.exe


As Polycom license webpage shows for my serial number, my firmware version is 8.5. I can also see my upgrade key code.


I've downloaded two softupdate versions from, versions 8.5.2 and 8.5.3. Both can reach my VSX7000 properly, and can even erase the flash memory perfectly, but when I try to update the software, I'll get a "bad key code" message.


I have also tried to perform a factory reset pressing and holding the remote "0" key while the device is waking up, but it doesn't work either.


Any help?

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