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VSX7000 & Visual Concert - poor image quality

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VSX7000 & Visual Concert - poor image quality


 I hope someone maybe able to advise on this.


We have a number of VSX7000, they all use H323 calling connecting our HQ to our office in india,

our wan connections are 2 leased line @ 150MB -HQ

the india Office has 2 x 100MB lines


the VSX units are in our DMZ and have public IP for each unit.

 On one unit in India we have a Visual Concert connected, when an image is shared if is very low quailty and unreadable, I then tried it the other way from HQ to india with the HQ visual concert with the same result very poor quality image


the max speed on all the units is set to 1920kbps, the screen res is set to 1024 x 768 (60Hz)

Also checked that H329 is enabled.

The video call quality is pretty good with little or no delay.


The network @ both sites are Avaya 5510 x 48 10/100/1000 and the firewalls are sonicwalls


Thanks for looking

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Re: VSX7000 & Visual Concert - poor image quality

The network looks good, but how loaded is it and is it all the through with that bandwidth?


Is the video given priority?  Is it going as content or is it actually going as People (are you seeing both people and content when sharing content).  What do the stats show for lost packets? 

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