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VSX7000 firmware update

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VSX7000 firmware update

Since the VSX7000 is at EOL how does one go about upgrading firmware without a service contract?


Does one need a service contract to upgrade the firmware on a  VSX 7000A?

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Re: VSX7000 firmware update

You don't need a contract but you need the Upgrade Code. There are two way to get this code:

- free of charge for the system under an active contract

- paying money for systems without contract


Please keep in mind that purchasing support contract for VSX series is still available. Please contact Polycom reseller in your location for more details.

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Re: VSX7000 firmware update

The VSX 9.0 upgrade part number is 5150-28421-001 and any Polycom reseller should be able to quote it to you.

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