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VSX8000 don't complete boot/ display

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VSX8000 don't complete boot/ display

Dear all,

I have Polycom VSX8000 codec, Release 8.5.2. This codec was working fine, only to find it not working yesterday. I can see the green light on the power button which shows that the codec is on and operational, this lights blinks when i press remote keys which means it receives remote signals, but nothing is displayed on the screen. 

I cant even see the codec home screen, where i can dial or make changes. i cant access it through GUI either, on the switch port i can see lights going on and off.

i took this codec and connected to the other screen using SV nothing is displayed, but when i connect using VGA to the PC's screen i can see "Visual Concert VSX" and Polycom logo. No that sound when you switch on codec no what... 

Please note i was not doing anything with the codec, i used it like one week before, and yesterday it was not working. 


What could be the problem? What is the work around for this?


Thanking you all inadvance for your help.

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