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VSX8000 hardware factory reset

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VSX8000 hardware factory reset

how can i do a hardware factory reset the VSX8000? ... not the reset from diagnostic menu.

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Re: VSX8000 hardware factory reset

Procedure for Erasing the Flash of a VSX 7000 (ERFL)


ERFL-ing a system will remove all Address Book entries and delete all System
Settings. Before this process is started all of this information will need to be gathered
so it can be re-entered after this procedure has been completed.


FTP to the system. Generally, the best method is to click on Start and select Run.
Then type “command” (for Windows 98) or “cmd” (for all other Windows
OSs). This will open a command prompt from which you can ftp to a system
by typing “ftp <IP Address>” and pressing enter.


To log in the user name is admin and the password is the admin password set on
the system in the Security screen in the UI.
Type “bin” and press enter.
Type “quo swus” and then press enter. This will bring the system up in the
software update mode after a reboot.
Type “quo boot” and then press enter to reboot the system.
Type “quit” and then press enter to close the ftp session.
After the system has rebooted into the software update mode ftp into the system
again by following steps 1 through 2.
Type “bin” and press enter.
Type “quo erfl” and then press enter. The system should now start reformatting
the flash.


On your VSX 8000 watch the progress bar until it shows that erfl is complete.
Once it is complete, power cycle the VSX 8000 one more time.
The system should come up in the software update mode again. The flash has
now been erased and is ready for a fresh install of software. Two things can
occur here, the system may try and obtain an IP address from a DHCP server,
or use the saved values from the previous boot. If no DHCP server is available
then a PC will need to be directly connected to the system to load software to
the system. Otherwise software can be loaded in a normal fashion.
Load software to the system.


The system should now have a fresh load of software without any of the previous
settings; all Address Book entries and User Settings are deleted and the
system will come up in the Out Of Box sequence.

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Re: VSX8000 hardware factory reset

Usr the Serial number as the administrator password and follow the instructions.

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