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View settings for Self View

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View settings for Self View



I would like to have a default template setup for conferences to have them display self view on every conference regardless if they are between 2,3,4, or 5 sites.


The users find the pip settting too small and they want their image to be displayed on the screen in equal size to the other sites in addition to the other sites. i guess so they can see when the eagle eye is focused on them.


I can acomplish this by setting up the meeting and going into the RMX and manually specifiying on each HDX how i want the view to appear. Top left-site 1, top right-site 2, bottom left-site 3, bottom right- self view.


Is there anyway to acomplish this by a conference template? How about if some meetings are 2 sites vs 3 sites vs 4 sites?


Thanks in advance for directing me to some documentation.

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Re: View settings for Self View

Have you experimented with the "Same Layout" in the Video Setting menu on your profile.   Try it and see if that helps with what you want to do...  (maybe in combination with conference templates)..




Gary M

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