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Viewstation SP 128

Mystic Biscuit
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Viewstation SP 128

Hi All!


I've recently come into the possesion of a Viewstation SP 128 - bit of a relic, I know but hey.  I have a couple of VSX 7000's at 2 different sites, and a H.323 gatekeeper.


The issue is with the dinosaur - I cannot for the life of me get it to connect to another H.323 device.  It registers to the gatekeeper.  I can "ring" it from other devices, but that's all it does. "Incoming call".... never answers.  Tried answering manually.  Hangs up.  Tried making a call from the viewstation to other devices - they all receive the incoming call but never establish.


I've tried running it standalone (ie without Gatekeeper registration) - same effect.  I upgraded the firmware to 7.5.2 - no change.  I've reset it to factory defaults.  I've tried changing the speed/duplex from Auto/Auto to 100M/Full.  Tried it on the same subnet as another Polycom.  Tried changing the call speeds from 128kbps up to 768kbps.  Tried calling it from the Polycom RealPresence softphone app.  Tried making a call from the Viewstation to a H.323 device across the internet.  Tired numerous H.323 conference bridges to no avail.


The symptom is that for both incoming and outgoing calls on the Viewstation both parties can "see the call" (ie. it rings), but can't seem to handshake/negotiate (?)  a connection, so it never gets past that.  


I know its an antique but I was hoping to re-use it at another location for simple H.323 low-bandwidth conferencing.


Any assistance on this would be great - I'm a Polycom fanboi so I'd LOVE to get this working, just running out of ideas as to what else to do with it.  My kids love playing with the camera so it might make for a novelty toy if I can't get it to actually *call* something (!) :-\


Over to you, community- not expecting miracles but I'm kinda hoping that the die-hard Polycom'ers of you would say "oh you just need to do blah blah blah" - and after I've felt sheepish and done the changes it'll start working  <grin>

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Re: Viewstation SP 128

If I were at your place I would use any ancient software (e.g. PVX) as first step to check VS operating properly. Of course VS and PC with PVX have to be connected to same switch. A good idea would be also to find a surviving switch (hub) supporting 10 mbps half duplex.

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Re: Viewstation SP 128

There are three parts to H.323 call connection:

1. H.225.0

2. H.245

3. Opening of Logical Channels for audio and video.


If the system rings, then H.225.0 is connecting.  If the system continues to ring after you answer the call, then you're not reaching step 3 (opening of logical channels).  This could be due to NAT issues or TCP port being blocked that the TCP connection used for H.245 is not establishing as expected (due to firenall or NAT issue).


The easiest way to troubleshoot this is to get a Wireshark capture from both sides of the call to determine where the failure is occurring.

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