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I've never used WebDirector before, but I wanted to see how it worked.  We are in the middle of a video conference so I launched WebDirector, but it doesn't show any image on either the near side or far side nor can I hear the audio.


We have a HDX9004 release 2.6.1-5159


Do I need to configure something to allow the picture and sound to be played on my PC using WebDirector?


Thank you!

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Sorry folks...I think I figured it out.  I didn't have the "Allow Video Display on Web" checked.

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Hello Ralph,


I understand that you are having some issues viewing your camera on the web director of your HDX. You are correct without the allow video to display on web option enabled the video will not show on the web interface. This can be accessed via the main menu of the unit under the Admin Settings- General Settings-Security menus of the unit.

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One more follow up question...can I assume audio is not available...just video?


Thanks to all!

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Hello Ralph,


There are a couple of tasks that can be accomplished with this tool. You will only be able to view the video on the web director. A listing of tasks that can be performed from the web director is attached below.


Perform any of the following tasks:

— Place or end a call

— View near and far sites

— Change camera sources

— Adjust camera position

— Zoom cameras

— Adjust system volume settings ,Mute and unmute the microphones


Please let us know if you should have any further questions.

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haii all,

i got same problems with mr. raplh on my hdx 7000. i ill try to find the "Allow Video Display on Web"  on my security admin settings menus but its none. any body can help me ? 


Thanks before.

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Did you solve this problem?

( Because I can't find it too )

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For security reasons "Allow video on Web" is ONLY available via the remote control direct to the HDX/VSX. It is not available via the Web UI.


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Web Director

Yes, Thanks. I have an HXX 7000 system and was looking for (and could not find) the settings in the web admin utility. Using the hand held remote control for the unit go to Home/System Info and log in. The default username is Admin and the default password is the serial number of the unit. The password is case sensitive and requires using the bizarre shift button on the virtual keyboard. Once you are logged in you will find the setting available in the Security settings. Thanks!

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