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Weird issue with Polycom HDX 7000 HD

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Weird issue with Polycom HDX 7000 HD

Polycom Model HDX 7000 HD

Hardware version C

Software : Release 3.0.2-11176


Hi there


I have a very weird issue with our Polycom VC.


Basically what happens is that it seems to go into a call as the screen will show that you are in a call when you leave it at the home screen.


Then you have to hang up.


I also noticed that you cannot power down the system with the remote, you have to physically use the power button on the Polycom PC to shut it down gracefully. (When using the remote, an error dialog pops up saying "This feature is not available when in a call")


If you dial any IP (even the Polycom test sites) it comes back with an error "Please enter a valid multipoint key to activate multipoint calling".


But it is a single site, and we most definitely are not using multipoint on it, we use this to dial up to our parent company (who do have a multipoint setup) in order to have a Video Conference with them.


So this is very strange to me.


I just want to see if we can get this fixed before having to do a factory reset on the Polycom VC machine, or call in a Polycom technician to fix this issue.


Thanking you in advance.



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