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What can cause VSX7000e to reboot ?

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What can cause VSX7000e to reboot ?



w are using 2 VSX7000e between 2 sites, and one of them is randomly rebooting once or twice a day.  Both are using the latest firmwre The communication mode is H.264. We have a spare unit, so we replaced the rebooting device with that one, but this one too reboots randomly...


So my question is : what can cause a system to reboot ? Can too many communication errors or lost packets do that ?

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Re: What can cause VSX7000e to reboot ?

i had some new informations about this problem :


it turns out both units are rebooting at the same time randomly. We used them since 2007 and never encountered that problem, but it started to happen a few months after we made the firmware upgrade to to use H.264


Can a network problem cause this ? Is it something that happened to other people ?




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