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blue light flashing hdx 8000


blue light flashing hdx 8000

we lost the password...

did a factory reset...

now after booting the blue light stays on for about 4 mins and then begins to flash

1 sec on

1 sec off





on same system the camera is connected properly but does not 'turn on'


thanks so much

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Re: blue light flashing hdx 8000

How log did you leave the HDX flashing blue before concluding it wasn't working & shutting it down?

It could be re-writing its OS from local storage which may take 10-15mins.

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Re: blue light flashing hdx 8000

Thanks for the follow up... It was more like an hour
I followed the reset procedures in the manual. The indicator light would flash blue to Amber then it would seem to reboot splash screen will come up and then after about 10 minutesI change the output to DVI and still workany help would be great
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Re: blue light flashing hdx 8000

i forgot to add that the system was working...before we hit the factory reset button...


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Re: blue light flashing hdx 8000

What are the 1st 6 digits of the 14 digit S#.  That'll give me a clue to age, just to eliminate the outside possibility that the HDX8000 was not originally H/W Rev. B and has been subsiquently hardware upgraded beyond the capabilities of the factory partition s/w.

HDX8000 h/w rev B started shipping in Jan 2009 so you're looking for a S# starting 8x0901 upwards.  the closer you get to 8x0901 the higher the chance that it wasn't Rev B when shipped. All HDX8000 shipped after 8x0904 should be Rev B.


If not that I'd try a full factory reset with the reset in before powering up. (Oh! and try & get a component monitor onto the device, if only until you can access Admin to change it to DVI or other.



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Blue Light at tried to turn on the HDX 8000

I have a HDX 8000 New buy, i just connect everythink and, the polycom dont turn on. 

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