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connection but no audio and video

Harry Caspers
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connection but no audio and video

Good day,

We struggle now for a week to get this to work.

On the same router, 3 units in one building, the HDX4500's can connect and there is audio and video.

But when we use the company network, over more then 1 country, routers and firewalls, a connection point to point or with a RMX, we encounter this problem.

Any idea what that can be?

With the remote CMA4000 we can see the systems online and those systems can be remotely controlled with IE.





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Re: connection but no audio and video

Dear there,


Kindly please let me know what network circuit you are using,are you using MPLS circuit or VPN/Lease line  circuit.


I would suggest you to take trace route from your local endpoint to remote endpoint/RMX and check till where your packet get deliver.


Are you using any GK in your enviorment??


Thanks & Regards


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Polycom Video EP PLM
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Re: connection but no audio and video

Make sure all the components in the network path have H.323 enabled so that they will pass audio and video.  Particularly on the firewalls.


The alternative is to use the Polycom VBP VBP link

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