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import addressbook

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import addressbook



we have x number of HDX boxes which are out on the internet.  We tried multiple ways to get an addressbook in there, based on the central CMA configuration.  This was either done by provisioning the system, or specifying a gds server. Sadly enough, i never succeeded in maintaining stable connections.  I have found no reason so far.  Polycom which does not recover when it goes in sleep mode?  I don't know.  So endpoints lost their ldap and gds server connection from time to time, resulting in a manual reboot of the endpoint to get the entries in the address book back.  Frustration with endusers, because rebooting is not a 1-2-3 operation and thus time consuming.   So i'm evaluating going back to the standalone config.

I noticed there is an import/export facility in the HDX for address entries.  Is there a tool to administer this?  Or any other way to sort of replicate an address book?  Thx!

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Re: import addressbook

instead to import address book you can configure GAB on your VC device




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Re: import addressbook



With GDS you have the opportunity to "Save Global Directory to System" (refer to HDX Admin's Guide -> Configure the Global Directory): "When enabled, this setting allows Polycom HDX systems to display global entries in the directory in case the system loses connection with the Polycom GDS Directory."


You can replicate address book using the API commands exportdirectory / importdirectory. More details can be found in HDX Integrator's Reference Manual, pp. 242 and 307.


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Re: import addressbook

Okay, problems i'm facing are somewhat more complex.  First of all, i can't use gds, since i have systems out on the internet. Only way to get them the addressbook, is to provision them.  I don't want this since then they are dependant on the VBPST.

Secondly, problem with the GAB is that i have different ip's for each endpoint, depending on where the system is located (some endpoints are in our internal lan, others out there on the internet).  This means if you're calling from the internal lan to an endpoint on the internal lan, you specify for example ip A.  If you call the same system from the internet, you specify ip B.  There is a way around it, which is by specifying dns names.  But then again, if you provision systems on the internet, you rely on dns servers for the internal lan.  Which is incorrect.  So you see, not an easy solution here.  Perhaps the best way would be to move our internal endpoints to the internet.

So far i've found we can create an addressbook on one endpoint.  Export this one, and import it to another endpoint.  First catch is you need to create the addressbook on an endpoint with the lowest firmware. 

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