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m100 problems

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m100 problems

I am having a problem and hope that somebody can help.  I am trying to use the m100 Telepresenc software to connect my laptop to a video conference room in my office.  All equipment in the office is Polycom (RMX2000).  When I connect to the IP address, sometimes it works, sometimes I get only video, others only audio, other nothing.  If I connect and disconnect multiple times, the result is random between these results.  I think we have ruled out the corporate firewalls and protection as most people have no problems using this software remotely.  We may have isolated the problem to my wireless router here at home.  I am using a Linksys e2500 and this laptop is plugged directly into a wired port.  When I plug the laptop directly into my cable modem, the m100 seems to work just fine.  Going through the router is when I have the problems.  My network engineer looked at the router settings and cannot see anything that would b e causing this, however, neither of us are experts on the Linksys router.  Anybody have any ideas or suggestions as to what needs to be modified on it to make the m100 work reliably?



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