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minimum bandwidth for multipoint call (RPG 500)

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minimum bandwidth for multipoint call (RPG 500)



I am using RPG 500 with a multipoint license (6 mcu).I would like to ask which is the minimum BW so that the maximum number of participants to be present to the call.

Also sometimes,some smartphones join the call with the android app(RP mobile) and some others no,both are using the same 4g network,is there a limitation for this?


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Re: minimum bandwidth for multipoint call (RPG 500)

Well, all Groups do 720p resolution at 512kbps bandwidth. With H.264 High Profile, 1.7 Mbps is required for 1080p60 performance. Without High Profile, 3 Mbps is required. Be aware, Groups do not transcode anything! That means, if a client comes in with 256kbps, all other connections are reduced to this bandwidth, too!

By the way, Group 500 supports MP up to 6-way in SD, up to 4-way HD!

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