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polycom hdx 7000 monitor 1 output

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polycom hdx 7000 monitor 1 output


this is shyam rane from india - mumbai . i represent procom office solutions.

i have  a peculiar problem,

customer has just upgraded to a bigger display from his old plasma to a 65" LED panel - samsung MD65c

This panel has input has component and composite combined, which means either of the 1 can be used but not both[earlier monitor supported both]

we had configured the hdx 7000 with component cable supplied with hdx on the old plasma monitor.

now we intend to connect the hdx using its dvi to the new LED monitor's DVI. we tried that , but no display

can u tell us which type of DVI to DVI cable will the polycom support???

The new LED monitor [ samsung MD65C] has a DVI which only has the spade but not the 2 pins above and below the spade

Kindly help wit your expertise


shyam rane


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Re: polycom hdx 7000 monitor 1 output

HDX 7000 supports both VGA and DVI via it's  DVI-I interface. Choose proper format/resolution from web-interface IR remote.

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It's impossible to lead us astray for we don't care even to choose the way.
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