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I have a building with some HDx6000 HD with the same version of firmware and the last monday all devices were reset automatically.


I could see in the logs the following lines in all devices:


 /var/log/errors Date:2011-11-24 10:37:37
Tabor Release build #17007
G3/HDX 6000 HD - build date: 2011-07-26 19:03:23-0500 by: buildmaster

rebootcount: An infinite reboot loop has been detected! Resetting configuration data.

We lost all the configuration. Anybody knows is there any bug or issue with this version and HDX6000 HD? or why the devices were rebooted automatically?


I try to find in many sites but I din't find noting.


Thanks in advance.


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Re: problem

There is a fail safe built into the HDX where if the system detects a corrupted configuration file it will reboot it self to attempt to correct the problem.  If after 3 reboots it cannot correct the problem it will erase the config files and return to the factory out of box defaults.

The latest versions of software have code that will limit the reasons for the corruption but still cannot prevent it.

If more that one system went down at the same time there was probably a power failure or spike.

Be sure that all systems are on adequate surge protectors.  Also it is a good idea to keep a backup copy of the config on a laptop or PC somewhere.

The profile can be backed up using the HDX WebUI Utilities section Profile Center.

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