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technical question for realpressence 310

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technical question for realpressence 310



My company is evaluating whether to buy Realpresence 310 or 700.

I need the following technical information to assess whether Realpresence 310 or 700 is suitable for our needs.

1. Can we choose/select the exact audio/video codec to use for a given audio/video conferencing session?
2. If yes, how can this be done?


Thanks in advance.



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steve from accounting
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Re: technical question for realpressence 310

Very interested in what the use case is.  Pretty sure you can't set these from the codec themselves and you'd be limited to the codecs available on the unit. Audio/video codecs are usually sorted during signalling handshake and I've never actually heard of  an endpoint where you can select a specific codec or even put one in as a preference.


Pretty sure you can manage this from an RMX though. 

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Re: technical question for realpressence 310

Thanks for recommending RMX 1800. 


To double confirm, am I right to say that in RMX 1800, a specific codec (example, G.722) can be selected by customer to play audio that follow G.722 standard?


How do we configure the equipment to do this?




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Re: technical question for realpressence 310

Can i have an answer from a Polycom technical expert please? Once i know it can do what we want it to do and is satisfied, i can proceed to safely buy the product.



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Polycom Video EP PLM
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Re: technical question for realpressence 310

Agree with the first response, what is the use case.  This is not something that you would want to do due to the very strong possibility of a derogated user experience.


At the beginning of a call there is a CAPS (capabilities) exchange where the sending and receiving devices determine the capabilities of each unit and they settle on the highest common denominator as the algorithms they will use for that session.


There is an API command for the GS that is generally only used in diagnostics that sets the CAPS exchange to a very low set of capabilities, the command is basicmode.  From the RealPresence Group Series Integrator’s Reference Guide: Sets or gets the Diagnostic Mode configuration, a limited operating mode that uses H.261 for video and G.711 for audio. Basic mode provides administrators with a workaround for interoperability issues that cannot be solved using other methods.  This sticks through a reboot so you would have to turn it off to get back to ‘normal’.


There is no way to select what algorithms that would be used in the CAPS exchange.


The IRG is available here:   IRG

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