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unable to ip address for white list

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unable to ip address for white list



I have hdx 8000 unit. I am trying to white list our various network devise that connect to this box.


Every time I try to enter an ip address, any ip address, I get the error message 

“The page at http…          says:                                                                                                                                                                                     Please enter an ip address in IPv4 or IPv6 format”




the funny thing is, I can enter any alphabet letter and it will except as  whitelist entry 
what i am doing wrong, it will not excep any ip address 

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Re: unable to ip address for white list

Are you talking about network devices that will "Manage" the HDX or try to Call to the HDX ?


The Whitelist is ONLY for management (not calls either H.323 or SIP)...


I've have used this on version 3.1.x with no trouble (except when I typed in the wrong IP address and I had to reset the box because I could not get back into it for management).


Good luck,


Gary M

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