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OBi300 SRTP Key Management Protocol?

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OBi300 SRTP Key Management Protocol?

Which key management protocol does the OBi300 use in implementing SRTP?


My ITSP somehow finds itself unable to transmit valid authentication/MAC headers in media packets for inbound calls, and the device throws "SRTP:BadMAC" to syslog.

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Gilroy Leroy
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Re: OBi300 SRTP Key Management Protocol?

Thanks for the response.


I had been aware of the first link but not the second, which does expressly confirm that OBi devices do support SRTP.  The second also contains a link confirming the device configuration process, although I am past that now.


The more interesting point is the observation in the second link that the ITSP must itself support SRTP.  Yesterday, I sent my ITSP verbose syslog entries from the device establishing that it is attempting to negotiate a key.  They're currently an hour late for our scheduled call this morning, so I suspect they're trying either to figure this out, or formulate an appropriate response in light of their engineering group's insistence that the device does not support SRTP.

This said, the links don't get beyond the question whether the devices support SRTP, to the question which key management algorithm the devices use in their SRTP implementation, and perhaps further, whether issues do or don't exist around certificate validation and how to address those.



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