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Obi300 for paging stuck on-hook

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Obi300 for paging stuck on-hook

I have an Obi300 ATA set for paging only, however the device is stuck on-hook. We have another device with the same configuration working and it went to off-hook and stays off-hook once configured for paging-only. Is there a way through obi-talk to take the phone port off-hook? Alternatively, is there a way to have the user plug in an analog line and enter something to set the phone port to be permanently off-hook?

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Re: Obi300 for paging stuck on-hook

You can try the following:


First, connect a regular phone to the OBi device phone port, pickup handle so the phone port status can register as OFF-HOOK.
Give 5 to 6 seconds delay and dial tone will go away.
When no dial tone, connect the amplifier/paging to the OBi device phone port again.
Again, phone port should remained status OFF-HOOK.


Pls try and let us know.

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