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3.3.1 RevF possible bug with lineKeys

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3.3.1 RevF possible bug with lineKeys

We have a centrally provisioned polycom soundpoint IP 560 running 3.3.1F-split code, it has a single registration with the linekeys=4 and callsperlinekey=1 paramaters set.


Every ~2-3 weeks or so the phone will stop accepting additional calls.  The first call will come in, and the rest will reject.  The indicator on the phones dispaly indicates that all lines are still there and registered.


Any help with this would be appreciated.

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Re: 3.3.1 RevF possible bug with lineKeys

So.. it just did it again.  Is there anything that would be helpful to post to track this down?


No changes happened on the server (an asterisk box), phone when from 3.2.mumble to 3.3.1.  When it happens no matter what first line gets a call and then all of the others are rejected, reboot of the phone, with no change on the server fixes it. 


No reported problems on the dozens of IP331s which are all configed the same way (well, with linkeys=2 instead).

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Re: 3.3.1 RevF possible bug with lineKeys

Hi DavidCross,

We don't have any currently known issues like what you're experiencing. It's hard to say why the issue is occuring without seeing the actual SIP traffic occuring between the phone and PBX. I'd recommend taking a packet capture as the failure occurs. This will show exactly what is happening, and you can troubleshoot from there depending on the results of the failure.


Additionally, I also recommend taking a comparison capture at one of the "linekeys=2" phones and use it as a base line of comparision to the failed trace, since you mentioned those phones have not experienced the problem.


Also, you mentioned you had upgraded from 3.2.x to the UC3.3.1f. When you did this, did you migrate your files to the newer UC code per TB60519 (




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