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Any experience with Polycom support contracts?

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Any experience with Polycom support contracts?

Hello everyone


I was wondering if anyone has experience with Polycom's support contracts where you can get direct support from Polycom. Steffen quite often refers us to our distributors when we have support issues, but it appears that many experience that the distributor needs to open a support ticket with Polycom. So, just wondering if 'cutting out the middleman' and having direct contact with Polycom support can give better results?


If you have any experience with Polycom support contracts, contact directly to Polycom support, etc., I would be grateful if you could share your pro's and con's.


Thanks - Patrick

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Re: Any experience with Polycom support contracts?



We have a support contract with Polycom directly.  For us it greatly improved communications by not having a third party in the mix.  Our reseller doesn’t support Lync so pretty much every ticket we opened eventually had to be escalated to Polycom.  This would often add days each time support needed more information from us. But Getting support directly from Polycom is a pretty costly option.  Over all we have been pretty happy with Polycom support. 


The pros will depend on what you are currently getting from your reseller.  For us it largely streamlined the process and made it more consistent. 


The con, price. 

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