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Asterisk RLS appearance on VVX 601 display

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Asterisk RLS appearance on VVX 601 display



This is my first post and I am very much new to Polycom VVX phone.

I just accuire VVX 601 phone and evaluating for our production system, I would appreciate any suggestion or advice!


Many thanks to the post below, I was able to confirm Asterisk RLS feature with my VVX601 by following the instruction.


I am currently evaluating FreePBX environment, and to make the BLF listing to work, I set below in /etc/asterisk/pjsip_custom.conf with 20 of "list_item"s, 


type = resource_list
; Asterisk Resource List Subscriptions (RLS)
event = dialog
list_item = 10001
list_item = 10002
list_item = 10020
notification_batch_interval = 3000

and added  below in VVX's configuration file to make it work.


attendant.uri="asterisk-rls@<PBX's server address>"

This enabled the list of extensions in 4 x 4 matrix in LCD of VVX601, I could see 10001 through 10015 activities on LCD panel (1 is registered line), but I don't see the rest of extensions status.

Just wondering how to display the rest of them or simply it is a limitation of VVX601 that it can not show more than 16 "items".


Also, I prefer to show "Display Name" which is assigned to those extensions, and wondering how to do that.

Many thanks in advance,



- Asterisk: 13.23.1

- FreePBX:

- UC Software Version:



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Re: Asterisk RLS appearance on VVX 601 display

Hello @domosute,


welcome to the Polycom Community.

Your post ended up in our SpamFilter so I had to release it.


The VVX 60x range can only display a maximum of 16 lines as explained => here <= but you can possibly look at our Obihai range. We do not support these via this Community forum.


I am not to sure I can follow you on the name part but would need to see some form of logs.


Information on this can be found in the FAQ.

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

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Re: Asterisk RLS appearance on VVX 601 display

Hi Steffen,
Thank you, 16 is more than enough number for our use, I am still investigating how to show name instead of extension number but user can live without name label.

It is very nice feature, thanks for the advice!

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