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BLF Park orbit Broadsoft

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Re: BLF Park orbit Broadsoft

To update this post...


Thank you, Polycom! This has been adressed in the recently-releasted UC firmware 5.9.0, as described >HERE<


I hope to see more comments as we start using the new firmware!

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Re: BLF Park orbit Broadsoft

Hi, Danny!

Just wondering if 5.9 or 6.0 allowed you to setup transfer to voicemail of a BLF contact (I saw your previous solution with adding secondary contacts on a 2nd page of a sidecar, but it's less elegant as would need some extra configuration).


Thank you!

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Re: BLF Park orbit Broadsoft

Danny, just wondering how you got it working on 5.9.x


I had to use version 6.0 that shows "Lines" in the EFK prompt (no additional configuration other than transfer2voicemail softkey" that we need anyways).

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