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BLF as Intercom and Send to Voicemail

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BLF as Intercom and Send to Voicemail



We are all using VVX410's at my company with broadcom. We are trying to figure out how we can make it so our employees can do these things:



1. Can we make it so that when you press someones BLF it automatically intercoms or Push To Talks them?


2. When we are on the phone with a customer we would like to hit a SendVM button and click on the employees BLF button and have the customer sent directly to the employees VM. We currently have to remember everyones extension and type it in.


3. Is there a way to transfer someone to an Orbital call parking line by just pressing the BLF? We have Line 18, Line 19, Line 20 on everyones phones so that the receptonist can place the customer on the call park Line. Right now we have to hit the transfer button, then the Line 18 BLF, and then the Transfer button again. It would be nice to simple press the "Line 18" button and have the customer transfered to that holding line. Maybe we could do it autoamtically when the receptonists hits the "Hold" button?


Thanks to anyone who can offer us some assistance on these problems! 

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Re: BLF as Intercom and Send to Voicemail

Hello UltrasonicWelders,

welcome to the Polycom Community.

  1. No I do not think so, BLF is specific to Buddy Lamp Field and Intercom is a different functionality.

  2. No I do not think so, BLF is specific to Buddy Lamp Field and dialing the Voicemail and then sending DTMF to add the extension is something different. You could maybe set calls per Line to 1 and if the extension is busy another call from the receptionist would / should go to voicemail.

  3. I recommend you speak to BroadWorks support as our phones do support park.

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Steffen Baier

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Re: BLF as Intercom and Send to Voicemail

Hello and thank you for the reply!


1. Is there a way to change the BLF to a Intercom Button? I would rather have employees communicating internally through intercom with one press of a button then the BLF.


2. Usually the line isn't busy but the person recieving the call doesn't want to take the call immedietly and so asks the receptonist to send the called to his/her voicemail. We would like receptonists to quickly hit a "SendVM" button and then the persons name (BLF) on the Polycom phone to transfer the customer to voicemail. 


3. Okay, thanks! I will contact them.

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