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Blind Transfer default vvx 500

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Blind Transfer default vvx 500

Phone Information      
Phone Model              VVX 500      
Part Number              3111-44500-001 Rev:A      
MAC Address              00:04:F2:B2:0D:F1      
IP Address          
UC Software Version          
BootROM Software Version    



We upgraded our phone software and now the blind transfer button is one more button deeper in menus! How can we fix this, now to blind transfer you have to hit MORE button then blind! We want all calls to default to blind or if not we want the blind soft key to show up the way it was before the upgrade.


Please specify how to get this accomplished.


What is the macro to assign a efk?


efk.efklist.6.action.string="$$" //Macro to blind transfer

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Re: Blind Transfer default vvx 500

I need to do something like


efk.efklist.6.action.string="$FTransfer$$FBlind$" //Macro to blind transfer Doesn't work

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UC Software release notes


This is a release note for UC software 5.0 for vvx


87151 The enhanced feature keys Blind Transfer and Voice Mail Transfer now work correctly


They bundle vvx and sound structure in this document. Does the above refer to the vvx 500? If so how do you create the efk? When will the 5.0 software be available to download through the web interface?

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