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Bought The Expansion Module.. How do I program?

Raven Steel
Occasional Contributor

Bought The Expansion Module.. How do I program?

We have a new phone system Polycom VVX 501. I bought the color expansion module and plugged it into the phone. It boots up with logo then just a blank backlit screen.

Settings-Status shows EM1 and EM1 contains the module information so yes the phone knows it's there. If I press Line Key Info and then press the first button on the Expansion Module it lists the line number and then says eg. Line# 13 not assigned.

Problem there is no way that I can add anything to it. All written information says either go to Contacts and add things there and they will automatically be added to the Expansion Module screen. Or press and hold a line button on the expansion module and the Contacts dialogue box will appear so info can be input.

There is no Contacts app available to select in the directories folder. There are 6 other directories listed there, Favorites, Enterprise Directory, Enterprise Common Directory, Group Directory, Group Common Directory, Personal Directory.

The Contacts App is not available anywhere on my phone or the web portal. (Checked every folder and option several times)

The only 2 Directories that I can make any changes to (via phone app or online portal) is the Favorites which only holds 11 (plus my line) with no way to add more. These ones appear on the main phone screen.

The other is the Personal Directory which I can add to but is not linked to the expansion module and is only accessible through the menu system on the phone. The others I can only search.

Does there have to be something done on the Admin side to enable or do we have to change our Phone Plan package? Our phone administrator has no clue how these things work and I do not have access to the admin side

Any help would be greatly appreciated elsewise I have a backlit brick ;p. 

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Polycom Employee & Community Manager

Re: Bought The Expansion Module.. How do I program?

Hello @Raven Steel ,


Welcome to the Poly Community.

Not knowing the currently used software version I recommend our FAQ:


Jan 6, 2012 Question: How can I create a local contact directory / phonebook or what is the 000000000000-directory.xml used for?

Resolution: Please check => here <=


Jan 12, 2012 Question: Can I change / re-assign the appearance of  Line, BLF, Speed Dial and Presence Keys?

Resolution: Please check => here <=


As you may find this isn't the easiest end-user action so you may want to work with whoever sold you the phone.


In order to raise a support ticket, you need to work with your Poly reseller as they may need to do this for you.

End Customers are usually unable to open a ticket directly with Poly support. Available End User Poly services offerings are detailed here

If this is some sort of an Internet discounter providing your MAC address or your Poly devices serial will enable us to look up who would be able to support you. This may not be who you purchased the Poly device from.

If the unit is no longer within the warranty please be prepared to Pay Per Incident / PPI. This is all outlined in detail here

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

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Notice: This community forum is not an official Poly support resource, thus responses from Poly employees, partners, and customers alike are best-effort in attempts to share learned knowledge. If you need immediate and/or official assistance please open a service ticket through your proper support channels.
Please also ensure you always check the VoIP , Video Endpoint , Skype for Business , PSTN or RPM FAQ's
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Raven Steel
Occasional Contributor

Re: Bought The Expansion Module.. How do I program?

I believe the Software version is





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