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Broadsoft Theme.


Broadsoft Theme.

I'm trying to change the theme on my phone. I have exported the icons successfully but any attempt to import new icons do not work. I have tried keeping the same file structure as the exported icons and even placed all icons in a tar file with no folders. The phone shows import successful but no changes found.


Here is the log output when importing the icons.

0214085531|cfg |*|00|Prov|Starting to provision
0214085532|cfg |4|00|Theme|md5sum(old:42067affae7efdb5d7f167562fd6e3ac 64167f02da35-opensip-broadsoft.tar.gz) 
md5sum(new:42067affae7efdb5d7f167562fd6e3ac 64167f02da35-opensip-broadsoft.tar.gz) 
0214085532|cfg |4|00|Theme|Imported theme is same as existing - no need to apply
0214085532|cfg |4|00|Theme|Imported Brodsoft Icon with no change
0214085532|app1 |4|00| Imported Broadsoft icon with no change 
0214085532|hw |5|00|Task ended without calling rtosTaskEnd() name=tIconsUpload

I looded at the Admin guide for 5.9.0 but it does not make clear what format the icons need to be or how to change the theme.


I would like to know

1)  what format the icons need to be in

2) What files need to be included in the tar archive

3) the file layout of the tar archive

4) does any of the xml files need to be changed


Phone information

Model: Polycom VVX 501

MAC: 64167f02da35


Profile: Generic (Opensips)

Theme: Broadsoft


Aditional info that may be relevant:

Phone has 9 registrations on different Broadsoft servers and 1 registration to an Asterix server.

Line 1 is registered to a broadsoft server and is the only line with an attendant URI configured but no BLF's present.


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Re: Broadsoft Theme.

I think I may have found the format needed. It loks like the phone is expecting a tar.gz file named

<MAC Addres>-opensip-broadsoft.tar.gz so in my case the file should be named 64167f02da35-opensip-broadsoft.tar.gz


What I did was take the ffs0 folder and used 7zip to create a tar archive.

I then uploaded that to my linux server and used the following command to create the final file.

rm -rf 64167f02da35-opensip-broadsoft.tar     Used to delete the original file.
tar -czvf 64167f02da35-opensip-broadsoft.tar.gz 64167f02da35-opensip-broadsoft.tar  Used to create the finally file. I was not having much luck using 7zip to gzip the tar archive so didn't use that.

I have now gotten the phone to upload and accept my file but so far none of the changes show up. 


I tried to change a few files in the following location.

ffs0\.phone.d\root\Skins\common_bsft\dignosticssimages   edited both image files
ffs0\.phone.d\root\Skins\groupp_bsft\vvx500     Changed the color from white to black in the xml files.

I know changing the font and color is not supported on a VVX 501 so didn't expect the xml edits to work. When running the LCD recovery routine I didn't see my Image.



I am gonna atttempt to change other icons and see if the changes are accepted.


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Re: Broadsoft Theme.

Hello @oslinux ,


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