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C60 not updating Zoom Rooms Client

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C60 not updating Zoom Rooms Client


I have a number of new C60 units all of which arrived with ZR client v5.0. This is no longer a supported zoom controller version but I am unable to update the client. Have setup the provisioning server as but nothing happens. Devices are currently running UC Software Version

Anyone any ideas? Units are useless until I can get the client to actually update.


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Re: C60 not updating Zoom Rooms Client

Hi @tibbs,


I just got a shipment of C60s in last week and if I point them to the "Poly Hosted Server" for the software upgrade I get version Which gives me Zoom Controller version 5.0.5 (898.0703). 
This particular C60 is paired w/a Studio X50 that's running firmware 3.2.0-222012 and that says the Zoom Rooms version is  5.1.35624.0822 but on the C60 and in the Zoom portal it's reported as ZR version 5.1.2 (35624.0822).  

So that's confusing but hopefully somewhat helpful.

Good luck,


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