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CX5500 - Calendar keeps disappearing

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CX5500 - Calendar keeps disappearing

We have a CX5500 integrated with our Lync Server 2013 and Exchange 2013 environment.

When the phone boots up I see it login to Lync and the Calendar icon appears on the front display.

If I go offhook to make a call, when I go back onhook, the Calendar icon has disappeared.

When I go back onhook, I notice on the front display that Lync had logged out and I see the Lync signing-in message. Even after it has finished logging back in, the calendar never comes back. If I reboot the phone it will come back. Also I noticed that if I sign out from Lync from the web gui and sign back in the calendar icon will have returned for a while and eventually disappear again. We are running firmware 1.1.4.


When I enabled debug logging from the CX5500 web gui, I see the following entries that I think are relevant. I slightly sanitized some of the sensitve information (ip addresses/hostname)



0910111936|pgui |4|00|Received new credentials when the service has already authenticated, shutdown application so it can restart and retrieve the new credentials
0910111936|app1 |2|00| Module=EWS', elementName='CONFIGURED_EC_URL', value='' 
0910111936|app1 |2|00|AppPhoneC::OnEvContactPresenceUpdate - szNumber:, szDisplayName: , status: 0, ActivityToken: , CustomMessage: , HomNumb: ,  MobNumb: ,  WorkNumb  : , OtherTel:  voiceMail: bcontactcardupdate = 0 bOOOUpdate:0 bOOOStatus:0
0910111936|pgui |2|00|[CEcLayoutMgr::setService] Removing Calendar Service and stopping service(s)


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Re: CX5500 - Calendar keeps disappearing

This may also be relevant.

At the same time this problem happens, I see the following event show up in the event log on the Lync Front End Server.

We have ran the csregistrarconfiguration command and set the maxendpointsperuser to 28 but this still shows up.




Event 14507, LS Protocol Stack
At least one attempt to reference stale (non-existent or deleted) security association was detected.
There were 13 messages with signature that referenced stale (non-existent or deleted) security association in the last 2 minutes. The last one was this SIP message:

Trace-Correlation-Id: 2781793729
Instance-Id: 120F60C
Direction: no-direction-info
Message-Type: request
Start-Line: SERVICE;transport=tls SIP/2.0
From: "CX Conference" <>;tag=7D5EFF8F-3964C603;epid=00e0ab4339a5
To: <>
Call-ID: ae29a91ce2028a56bcbc7c931f4329a5
Contact: <;opaque=user:epid:2-zGdcQ0a1KgtGupmO4HBAAA;gruu>
Via: SIP/2.0/TLS;branch=z9hG4bK1e95046a65EB7CC2;ms-received-port=51523;ms-received-cid=15F7B300
Max-Forwards: 70
Content-Length: 994
Content-Type: application/msrtc-category-publish+xml

Cause: This could be due to users that utilize large number of devices (in excess of configured maximum), or due to connection refresh logic re-balancing remote users to a different director in a bank or a pool, or it could be due to an attacker.
None needed unless the failure count is high (>100). Check if number of allowed devices per user is too low for existing usage scenarios. Check your network for any rogue clients. Restart the server if problem persists.


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Re: CX5500 - Calendar keeps disappearing

Hello Brian-T,

welcome to the Polycom Community.

We would need to get some logs at the earliest convenience to our support team. Please go ahead and work with your Polycom reseller so they can open a ticket with Polycom support.

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

Polycom Global Services

The title Polycom Employee & Community Manager is a community setting and does not reflect my role. I am just a simple volunteer in the community like everybody else. My official "day" Job is 3rd Level support at Poly but I am unable to provide official support via the community.


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