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Call forwards not surviving a reboot on 4.0.1b

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Call forwards not surviving a reboot on 4.0.1b



I am still working through the "problems" (on my end or not) resulting from my upgrade to 4.0.1b.


The two things on my "bug list" are the following:


1) When rebooting the phone, the call forwards get deactivated.  The phone clearly saves the data in MAC-phone.cfg, and that file get`s fetched by the phone on reboot according to my FTP log file.  The language (French in my test) comes back after reboot, as it should, but the values for Forwarding calls get ignored and they are turned off after reboot.


2) More obscurely, it seems that  tcpIpApp.sntp.gmtOffset.overrideDHCP="1" isn`t taken into account as one of my customers doesn`t have the right offset (he always had problems, which we fixed by using the DHCPoverride option in 3.3.x). 


In both cases, going back to 3.3.2 (meaning that config file changesin 3.3.0 aren`t the issue) resulted in those two options working as intended.


Anyone has the same issues? Just a confirmation that this is indeed a bug would allow me to stop searching for a fix, or the opposite would  at last tell me I got something on my end.

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Re: Call forwards not surviving a reboot on 4.0.1b

Hello mgaudette,


thanks for bringing this to our attention.


I can confirm that when using UCS (please be aware that UCS 4.0.1B uses the same Version for the SoundPoint/SoundStation but has added support for the SoundSturcture VoIP Card and the VVX500) and manually setting a Call Forward via the Phone (Softkey Forward => Always => Enable => Contact ) and then manually rebooting the Phone via the Menu does no longer show the Call Forward Status.


Downgrading to UCS 3.3.2 or 3.3.3 does not show this behavior.


This has already been addressed in a later release via Bug 76875 The phone now picks up the call forwarding settings from the override file after a reboot.


I would suggest to raise this via your Polycom Reseller so a record of your incident is kept.


In regards to the overrideDHCP Parameter I was so far unable to find anything in our internal Database and would suggest you raise a separate case via your reseller for this as well.


Best Regards


Steffen Baier


Polycom Global Services

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Re: Call forwards not surviving a reboot on 4.0.1b

Thanks for the confirmation.  I`ll find some more info on that DHCPoverride and get in touch with my reseller.

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