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Can't make or receive calls on VVX 601 between two units on the same network

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Can't make or receive calls on VVX 601 between two units on the same network

Hello, I am in dire need of assistance. Thank you in advance if you're able to help.


I'm setting up a new phone system with Jive using this unit. I can make outbound and inbound calls to other handsets outside of this office, but between two units on the same network here, they're not registering that they're dialing when dialing the extension or full number plus extension.


I've tried upgrading and downgrading the software (currently set to Jive technical support has tried for over a week to find the issue, but they're not seeing anything wrong on their end. I've worked with them in the past, and the setup was not nearly this painful.


Here is the full error log when trying to dial by extension OR by dialing full number and extension:


0523110131|cap |4|00|[SoVidVideoCaptureManagerC::captureFrameAndProcessLoop][ERROR] No active camera channel found! noActiveCameraChanCt=17
0523110200|clist|4|00|dbIO::processResult:no response
0523110403|pps |4|00|ppsOnEvLocalProfileProvision(): ProvDoc is NULL
0523110623|cap |4|00|[SoVidVideoCaptureManagerC::captureFrameAndProcessLoop][ERROR] No active camera channel found! noActiveCameraChanCt=33
0523110700|clist|4|00|dbIO::processResult:no response
0523110713|pps |4|00|ppsOnEvLocalProfileProvision(): ProvDoc is NULL
0523111036|pps |4|00|ppsOnEvLocalProfileProvision(): ProvDoc is NULL
0523111359|pps |4|00|ppsOnEvLocalProfileProvision(): ProvDoc is NULL
0523111731|pps |4|00|ppsOnEvLocalProfileProvision(): ProvDoc is NULL
0523112035|pps |4|00|ppsOnEvLocalProfileProvision(): ProvDoc is NULL
0523112414|pps |4|00|ppsOnEvLocalProfileProvision(): ProvDoc is NULL
0523112812|pps |4|00|ppsOnEvLocalProfileProvision(): ProvDoc is NULL
0523113155|pps |4|00|ppsOnEvLocalProfileProvision(): ProvDoc is NULL
0523113547|pps |4|00|ppsOnEvLocalProfileProvision(): ProvDoc is NULL
0523113854|pps |4|00|ppsOnEvLocalProfileProvision(): ProvDoc is NULL
0523114223|pps |4|00|ppsOnEvLocalProfileProvision(): ProvDoc is NULL
0523114526|pps |4|00|ppsOnEvLocalProfileProvision(): ProvDoc is NULL
0523114845|pps |4|00|ppsOnEvLocalProfileProvision(): ProvDoc is NULL
0523115219|pps |4|00|ppsOnEvLocalProfileProvision(): ProvDoc is NULL
0523115552|pps |4|00|ppsOnEvLocalProfileProvision(): ProvDoc is NULL
0523115920|pps |4|00|ppsOnEvLocalProfileProvision(): ProvDoc is NULL
0523120039|hw |5|00|Task ended without calling rtosTaskEnd() name=tTCPListen176
0523120242|hw |5|00|Task ended without calling rtosTaskEnd() name=tTCPListen154
0523120257|pps |4|00|ppsOnEvLocalProfileProvision(): ProvDoc is NULL
0523120629|pps |4|00|ppsOnEvLocalProfileProvision(): ProvDoc is NULL
0523121023|pps |4|00|ppsOnEvLocalProfileProvision(): ProvDoc is NULL
0523121356|pps |4|00|ppsOnEvLocalProfileProvision(): ProvDoc is NULL
0523121701|pps |4|00|ppsOnEvLocalProfileProvision(): ProvDoc is NULL
0523122101|pps |4|00|ppsOnEvLocalProfileProvision(): ProvDoc is NULL
0523122410|pps |4|00|ppsOnEvLocalProfileProvision(): ProvDoc is NULL
0523122810|pps |4|00|ppsOnEvLocalProfileProvision(): ProvDoc is NULL
0523123205|pps |4|00|ppsOnEvLocalProfileProvision(): ProvDoc is NULL
0523123603|pps |4|00|ppsOnEvLocalProfileProvision(): ProvDoc is NULL
0523124001|pps |4|00|ppsOnEvLocalProfileProvision(): ProvDoc is NULL
0523124317|pps |4|00|ppsOnEvLocalProfileProvision(): ProvDoc is NULL
0523124648|pps |4|00|ppsOnEvLocalProfileProvision(): ProvDoc is NULL
0523125026|pps |4|00|ppsOnEvLocalProfileProvision(): ProvDoc is NULL
0523125423|pps |4|00|ppsOnEvLocalProfileProvision(): ProvDoc is NULL
0523125808|pps |4|00|ppsOnEvLocalProfileProvision(): ProvDoc is NULL
0523130115|pps |4|00|ppsOnEvLocalProfileProvision(): ProvDoc is NULL
0523130504|pps |4|00|ppsOnEvLocalProfileProvision(): ProvDoc is NULL
0523130845|pps |4|00|ppsOnEvLocalProfileProvision(): ProvDoc is NULL
0523131153|pps |4|00|ppsOnEvLocalProfileProvision(): ProvDoc is NULL
0523131522|pps |4|00|ppsOnEvLocalProfileProvision(): ProvDoc is NULL
0523131843|pps |4|00|ppsOnEvLocalProfileProvision(): ProvDoc is NULL
0523132201|pps |4|00|ppsOnEvLocalProfileProvision(): ProvDoc is NULL
0523132515|pps |4|00|ppsOnEvLocalProfileProvision(): ProvDoc is NULL
0523132820|pps |4|00|ppsOnEvLocalProfileProvision(): ProvDoc is NULL
0523133148|pps |4|00|ppsOnEvLocalProfileProvision(): ProvDoc is NULL
0523133455|pps |4|00|ppsOnEvLocalProfileProvision(): ProvDoc is NULL
0523133459|clist|4|00|dbIO::processResult:no response
0523133736|cap |4|00|[SoVidVideoCaptureManagerC::captureFrameAndProcessLoop][ERROR] No active camera channel found! noActiveCameraChanCt=65


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Re: Can't make or receive calls on VVX 601 between two units on the same network

Hello @ednvira,

welcome to the Polycom Community. Your log does not really show anything

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Re: Can't make or receive calls on VVX 601 between two units on the same network

The issue was between the Cisco switch and the phone's configuration itself. Resolved by setting dynamic IP retreival and resolving latency issues on internal network.

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