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Changing *Park* action string for native Polycom Park feature (enabled via Enhanced Call Park)

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Changing *Park* action string for native Polycom Park feature (enabled via Enhanced Call Park)

Phone Information
Phone Model VVX 400
Part Number 3111-46157-002 Rev:A
MAC Address 00:04:F2:DF:D8:46
UC Software Version
Updater Version

Voice Switch: Broadsoft


Human action:
Long press on BLF now with this new firmware gives option for Park or Blind both in config, and also on the phone, including selecting during a call, depending on configuration.. That's awesome!!! Thanks, Polycom! Woot (not being sarcastic; I truly am appreciative). Here's my issue..


Everything works as expected/hoped.. except.. when I press to select park for a given BLF, the feature uses FAC *68, and I need it to use *86..I have found syntax to update Retrieval and Directed Call Pickup as described =>HERE<= and also referenced with new Enhanced BLF parameters =>HERE<== 



I'm looking for something like:


..where values would be *codes just like the other two. [see "footnote" 1 below if interested..]


Last thing - before we circle around to setting up a softkey to use the *86 FAC, that we can do. (see one of my previous replies) That's not the issue.. it's just that one setting....


I will also submit via our vendor/direct as a Polycom partner); I'm just curious to know if anyone else has tried this and/or if someone is aware of parameter syntax to set the *park* string. Thanks y'all!


(I have left out the other requested information like phone logs because as far as I can see this comes down to either there's a parameter/syntax or there isn't. Phone is behaving just fine and as programmed)


[Footnote1: (the tense in my example is of course incorrect with regards to the fact that a call can't be parked until the Park string is processed, but hopefully the point comes across.)]

[Footnote2: (non-referenced) .. as things are currently, when I use the feature and try to park a call I end up blocking my outbound Caller ID because that's what we have *68 set to do.. so I know the feature is working in terms of dialing a string, it's just the wrong string..]


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Re: Changing *Park* action string for native Polycom Park feature (enabled via Enhanced Call Park)

Hello @Danny_Unger_360,


welcome back to the Polycom Community.


The parameter call.parkedCallString exists in the UCS configuration system. It’s in the sip-interop.cfg template


I opened a Documentation Bug so it gets added to the Admin Guide


Jan 14, 2015 Question:Finding the default values for configuration parameters for Polycom Phones?

Resolution: Please check => here <=

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Re: Changing *Park* action string for native Polycom Park feature (enabled via Enhanced Call Park)

Thanks, Steffen! I look forward to working on this today. Thank you for also pointing out the extra parameters (that may not have made it into the Admin guide.)

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