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Contact Directory Update

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Contact Directory Update



I've update the firmware to 5.4.1 and this is what I found in the Admin Guide: Using the new parameter voIpProt.SIP.specialEvent.checkSync.downloadDirectory, administrators can configure the phone to download the updated directory files upon receipt of a checksync NOTIFY message.

I've tried with both option ... voIpProt.SIP.specialEvent.checkSync.downloadDirectory="1" and "0"

Then I modify the contact xml file ( add a new contact or modify an existing contact ) and then using both of this option :



I can't get Contact Directory update without phone reboot. Please let me know what I'm doing wrong?

I've play also with this option without success : voIpProt.SIP.specialEvent.checkSync.alwaysReboot="0"


Thanks in advance.

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