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Create a forward soft key to an extension

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Create a forward soft key to an extension

Hi all,


I have been all over the place trying to find out how to find the script to add a soft key to a Polycom 331 running 3.3.0. that would make a one-touch forwarding key to a specific extension.  Here is what I have made so far.  I have added two keys one for forwarding (softkey2 "Fwd-108") and one for reversing the forwarding (Softkey3 "Un-fwd").  The file gets loaded and the buttons actually work, but only once after the phone is booted.  If i use them again, then buttons do not follow the same process (button pushes) and it fails.  I'm wondering if there is a simpler way to accomplish this other than what I have here:


    <feature.enhancedFeatureKeys feature.enhancedFeatureKeys.enabled="1"></feature.enhancedFeatureKeys>
  <softkey softkey.feature.callers="0" softkey.feature.forward="1"/>
  <softkey softkey.2.action="$FDivert$$FSelect$$FSoftKey2$$FSelect$$FDialpad1$$FDialpad0$$FDialpad8$$FSoftKey1$$FArrowDown$$FSelect$$FArrowUp$$FSoftKey1$$FArrowLeft$$FSoftKey3$$FArrowLeft$$FArrowLeft$" softkey.2.enable="1" softkey.2.label="Fwd-108" softkey.2.use.idle="1" />
  <softkey softkey.3.action="$FDivert$$FSelect$$FArrowDown$$FSelect$$FArrowDown$$FSoftKey1$$FArrowLeft$$FSoftKey3$$FArrowLeft$$FArrowLeft$" softkey.3.enable="1" softkey.3.label="Un-Fwd" softkey.3.use.idle="1" />

I don't do a lot of scripting, so be gentle.




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Re: Create a forward soft key to an extension

Hello Bob,

welcome to the Polycom Community.

The community's VoIP FAQ contains this post here:

Nov 25, 2011 Question: How can I change the functionality of a softkey button / use EFK?

Resolution: Please check => here <=


You may want to look at the example 1.

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Best Regards

Steffen Baier

Polycom Global Services

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Re: Create a forward soft key to an extension

Hi Steffen,


Thank you for the response.  I did try your example (which is where I got the code originally), but maybe I didn't understand how it was working.

Two questions:

1.) Exactly was is $FDivert$$FSelect$$FSoftKey2$ mimicing for button presses.  That doesn't correlate to button presses for forwarding on this phone, but I may not be understanding what its really doing.

2.)Do I need to have my desired extension replace "8500" in  <divert"8500"/> to have it persistently forward to that extension?  It looks like in the graphic, when Forward is activated its going to 8500. 

3.) Does pressing the button again toggle on/off functionality of the forwarding?

4.) Will this work on a Polycom 321/331?


Thanks so much!


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