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Custom background image on VVX

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Re: Custom background image on VVX

I have solved the issue I was experiencing:


in phone%BWDEVICEID%.cfg:

     <bg.color.VVX300.selection bg.color.VVX300.selection="2,2" />
     <"" />
      <bg.color.selection bg.color.selection="2,2" />
      <"" />
      <bg.VVX300.color.selection bg.VVX300.color.selection="2,2" />
      <"" />
        <"" />
        <"" />

Then upload the 1.jpeg under the specific Identity/Device Profile Type as a new file (Broadworks).


This worked for me - hope this helps others........just dont forget to get the jpeg image right depending on VVX model.





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Re: Custom background image on VVX

Hi Dave,


in my case the issue was not having the provisioning server setup.


If that is in place and you load a background screen via the Phones Webinterface it will be uploaded to the provisioning server and re-loaded once a phone reboots.


Best Regards


Steffen Baier

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Re: Custom background image on VVX

To upload image (not using web interface) via USB.

(Images must be JPG - may support other formats but this worked for me)

1. 'Quick format' USB to FAT32

2. Resize JPG to roughly 320x170

3. Add file to USB

4. Insert USB

5. Navigate to Settings >> Features >> Removable Storage >> Picture Frame, set background image

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