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Digitmap to dial only extension 1001


Digitmap to dial only extension 1001

Hi Polycom


Hoping someoine can help me out with a batch of Polycom VVX301


UC Software Version
Updater Version


Is there a way using provisioning to tell the Digitmap it can only dial extension 1001?


I was hoping it would be easy as <dialplan dialplan.digitmap="1001" but users can still dial 1008, 2008 and so forth


I want it setup that if users dial 1002, 3002 etc it will be disabled where as if users dial 1001 the call goes through.



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Re: Digitmap to dial only extension 1001

Hello @Paddy ,


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Oct 7, 2011 Question: Phone unable to Dial a number when Off Hook or on 2nd Call in a Conference or Digitmap issues

Resolution: Please check => here <=


The above explains in detail what you can do with a digitmap but I believe it should not be the responsibility of the phone to decide what it can call or not.


The Digitmap can only manipulate the digits entered depending on the state aka off-hook or on hook.

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Steffen Baier

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Re: Digitmap to dial only extension 1001

Hi Paddy,

as Steffen said the dial out restrictions should be configured on your IP PBX/HBPX, not in the digit map.

The digit map is for off-hook dialling and immediately dials out pre-defined dial strings without the need of pressing the dial key or # after entering the number and is usually configured according to country specific number plans (external calls) and corporate extensions (internal calls).


Polycom's SPIP/SSIP/VVX/Trio digit maps are using a string compatible with the digit map feature of MGCP described in 2.1.5 of RFC 3435.


Check also the VVX admin guide:
Digit maps are defined by a single string or a list of strings. If a dialed number matches any string of a digit map, the call is automatically placed. If a dialed number matches no string—an impossible match—you can specify the phone's behavior. If a number ends with #, you can specify the phone's behavior, called trailing # behavior. You can also specify the digit map timeout, the period of time after you dial a number that the call is placed. The configuration syntax of the digit map is based on recommendations in section 2.1.5 of RFC 3435.




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