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EFK - Redial Softkey

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EFK - Redial Softkey



I'm a bit unsure how to properly create a 'Redial' softkey for my VVX models. I used the following: (which is a mess!)

<softkey softkey.3.label="Redial" softkey.3.action="*66" softkey.3.insert="4" softkey.3.use.idle="1" softkey.3.enable="1" />
<efk efk.efklist.3.mname="Redial" efk.efklist.3.status="1" efk.efklist.3.label="Redial" efk.efklist.1.action.string="*66" efk.efkprompt.3.status="1" efk.efkprompt.3.label="Redial" />


I'm pretty sure I flopped the EFK part because I can change the 'efk.efklist.1.action.string' value to anything and it will still work. When I press the Redial softkey, it successfully redials the previous number, but the display always says the following:

"To: EFK Dial"


It is displaying that In the active call state screen and the call logs. Is there a way I can replace the 'EFK Dial' to the actual number I am calling?




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Re: EFK - Redial Softkey

My god. I don't understand why it didn't work for me the first time I tried the following:

<softkey softkey.3.label="Redial" softkey.3.action="$FRedial$" softkey.3.insert="4" softkey.3.use.idle="1" softkey.3.enable="1" />

but now it's working like a charm now.


Thanks anyways.

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