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[Engineering Advisory] Calls from a Polycom® Phones 64:16 MAC Address Prefix

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[Engineering Advisory] Calls from a Polycom® Phones 64:16 MAC Address Prefix

Calls from a Polycom® SoundStation or VVX Phones starting with a 64:16 MAC Address Prefix Fail


NOTE: Other Polycom Phone models utilizing the below mentioned Software Versions with the new MAC address Range may also be affected and should be updated accordingly.


This engineering advisory provides a solution to an issue that causes calls made from Polycom® phones with MAC addresses (also called serial numbers) starting with “64:16:xx:xx:xx:xx” to fail.


About This Issue


The Phones with MAC addresses starting with “64:16” and on specific versions of Polycom UC Software fail to make calls as expected. This issue results from a dependency of a software feature on the MAC address that causes the phone to generate non-unique SIP call-IDs, tags, and branch-ID.

Phones with this issue experience call failures (immediate or partial), registration, and transfer and hold problems.


Identifying Affected Phones


This issue is observed on Phones with MAC addresses ranging from 64167f050000 to 64167F0538CF AND running one the following Polycom UC Software GA or patched versions


Update UC Software Versions

Impacted UC Software Versions
Recommended UCS Verisons
UCS 4.0.7
UCS 4.0.7 Rev I   
UCS 4.0.8
UCS 4.0.8 Rev H
Revised shipping configuration for SPIP and SSIP phones
UCS 4.0.9
UCS 4.0.9 Rev N
UCS 4.0.10
UCS 4.0.10 Rev D  
UCS 4.1.6
UCS 4.1.6 Rev R  
UCS 4.1.7
UCS 4.1.7 Rev G  
Revised shipping configuration for VVX phones
UCS 4.1.8
UCS 4.1.8 Rev G  
Latest available release for UCS 4.1.x stream
UCS 5.2.0
UCS 5.2.0 Rev AG
UCS 5.2.2
UCS 5.2.2 Rev R  
UCS 5.2.4
UCS 5.2.4 Rev D  
UCS 5.2.5
UCS 5.2.5 Rev C
Latest available release for UCS 5.2.x stream
UCS 5.3.0
UCS 5.3.0 Rev L
UCS 5.3.2
UCS 5.3.2 Rev C
UCS 5.3.3
UCS 5.3.3 Rev C
Latest available release for UCS 5.3.x stream
UCS 5.4.1
UCS 5.4.1 Rev F
UCS 5.4.2
UCS 5.4.2 Rev DE
UCS 5.4.3
UCS 5.4.3 Rev D
UCS 5.4.4
UCS 5.4.4 Rev E



To see if your phone has the issue, check if your phone has a MAC Address in the identified range and ifit is running an affected Polycom UC Software version.

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