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[FAQ] Add Zoom interoperability to the Polycom Trio

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[FAQ] Add Zoom interoperability to the Polycom Trio


NOTE: Updated Poly only supported Zoom Examples for registered or unregistered Hybrid registration added (18/01/2019)


1. Poly Trio 8800, 8500 and C60 native Zoom Support:


Since Trio UC Software 5.7.1 Poly now supports the Zoom Rooms Control (ZRC) application running natively on the Polycom Trio


To enable:







Join Scheduled Meeting





Meet Now




Join with Meeting ID




For more details or official Support please check => here <= and/or work with Zoom support directly


2. Poly supported Trio Hybrid Registration Mode using a Visual+/VisualPro:


Note: This is not supported on a Poly Trio C60!


In addition to the native above Zoom supported variant users can use the Polycom supported Hybrid mode


There are 2 different types of examples attached:


  • Zoom-Registered-LX.cfg
    X stands for Line 2, 3 or 4

For this type of example, the customer needs to create a device on the Zoom Portal (this is using a 3rd Party Device/Other Brand and not a Polycom device) and add all the information from the Zoom console to populate the attached example.




NOTE: For issues with this configuration do not contact Zoom support in regards to Polycom as this is using a 3rd Party device (Other Brand) 


3. Poly supported Trio Hybrid Mode using a Visual+/VisualPro not registering to Zoom server:


  • Zoom-Unregistered-LX.cfg
    X stands for Line 2, 3 or 4

This method does not register with Zoom directly and enables users to dial into a Zoom room.


Since UC Software 5.5.2 the Polycom Trio supports hybrid registration. This enables the Poly Trio to register natively to a Skype for Business server or an openSIP server on line 1 but offers to set also a Zoom registration to Line 2.


Simply download the attached files => here <= and unzip these.


Then simply import the one suiting your setup via your Web Interface as shown => here <=.


This will create a 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) Line and pressing this line will automatically dial into a Zoom conference.


Zoom_Trio_meeting_02.png Zoom_Trio_meeting.png


3. Polycom supported Trio Hybrid Registration Mode not using a Visual+/VisualPro:


Note: This is not supported on a Poly Trio C60!


Create a config file with this content:

<web reg.x.offerDummyVideoMLine="1"/>


Were the x represents the line assigned to Zoom. Aka for line 2:


<web reg.2.offerDummyVideoMLine="1"/>


And import it via the Web Interface.

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