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[FAQ] How can I change / define the number my phone calls to retrieve a voice mail message?

Polycom Employee & Community Manager

[FAQ] How can I change / define the number my phone calls to retrieve a voice mail message?

The Admin Guide defines the following Parameters:


  • msg.mwi.x.callBackMode

Possible selections are contact, registration or disabled and the default setting is registration.




  • The message retrieval mode and notification for registration x. contact – a call is placed to the contact specified by msg.mwi.x.callback. registration – the registration places a call to itself (the phone calls itself). disabled – message retrieval and message notification are disabled.

The follow up parameter to above is:


  • msg.mwi.x.callBack



  • ASCII encoded string containing digits (the user part of a SIP URL) or a string that constitutes a valid SIP URL (6416 or
    The contact to call when retrieving messages for this registration if msg.mwi.x.callBackMode is set to contact.

In order to define a specific number to be dialed in order to retrieve a voice mail message the below configuration can be used.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<!-- Polycom Community Message Center Contact example file Fri Dec 13 09:54:00 2013 -->
<polycomConfig xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="polycomConfig.xsd">
      <msg.mwi.1.callBackMode msg.mwi.1.callBackMode="contact" msg.mwi.1.callBack="5555"/>

 Above example set's the voice mail message center call back mode to a contact and defines the number to call as 5555. Only the first registration / line ( 1 ) of the phone is defined to do so.


The attached file can either be imported via the => Web Interface <= or loaded via a => provisioning server <=.


The above can also be changed via the Web Interface:



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