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[FAQ] How can I use the Buddy Watch feature?

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[FAQ] How can I use the Buddy Watch feature?

NOTE: VVX phones support a maximum of 64 buddies for Open SIP server platforms


From the Admin Guide:


Using the Presence Feature

The presence feature enables you to monitor the status of other remote users and phones. By adding remote users to your Buddy List, you can monitor changes in the status of remote users in real time or you can monitor remote users as speed-dial contacts. This only shows busy or idle but not if the monitored person is being called.


Note: This functionality depends on your SIP server!

Note: Prior to UC Software 5.3.0 the VVX300/VVX310/VVX400/VVX410 and/or using a Paper Expansion module do not display the status via the LED's!


In order to use this functionality the feature.presence.enabled="1" must be activated via a configuration file or simple enabled via the Web Interface





NOTE: The above is only possible running UC Software 4.0.0 or later !


This is not a Busy Lamp field as described => here <=


Once this feature has been enabled you can add a new directory contact to you phone and set the Buddy Watch to enabled.


  • The phone will send Subscribe to the contact(s) in question.
  • The server will send a Notify(s) containing the status of the contact(s)


Example local directory entry:





 In above example the Extension 3096 is monitored via the <bw> set to 1.




You can also add this via the Phone Directory itself once the presence parameter has been added.




Bove example shows the selection. To activate buddy watch for this contact change to Enabled.


Idle monitored Extension:




Busy monitored Extension:


Buddy_Busy_SPIP.PNG Buddy_Busy_VVX.PNG


Example SIP server used in this FAQ post was an Asterisk 1.8 Server.



You can check your configuration using the Asterisk commands sip show subscriptions and core show hints, as shown below.




 sip show subscriptions






Above shows in yellow the buddy watched contacts 




core show hints




Above shows in yellow the buddy watched contacts



Wireshark trace:


















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