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[FAQ] Miracast Troubleshooting

Polycom Employee & Community Manager

[FAQ] Miracast Troubleshooting

The Polycom Trio supports since UC Software 5.5.2 the Screen Mirroring of the Wireless Display feature for Miracast®-certified Android™ and Windows® devices.


First of all a license is required to use this feature.


You may not use the feature on one or more devices than you have a valid license for until a license or additional licenses have been purchased. These licenses should be purchased from the same company from which you purchased the devices. Polycom reserves the right to audit your deployment to verify that you have sufficient licenses to match the number of devices being used.


Part Number aka SKU: 5150-84981-001


The feature can be enabled via:



The name being displayed on a compatible device can be set via"SteffenTrioWirelessDisplay"


You can also simply press Settings => Advanced => Wireless Display:


Wireless Display from Android™ and Windows® Devices

The Wireless Display feature enables you to display content from your Android or Windows device screen to the Trio monitor.


You cannot show content in point-to-point or conference calls.


Windows or Android devices can discover and connect directly with the Trio and do not have to be connected to the same network as Trio.


Trio currently supports the following Android and Windows devices:


  • Windows 10 devices with Wireless Display support (Tested Windows Surface Pro 3 and 4, HP EliteBook 840 G3)
  • Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets running Android 4.4 and newer (Samsung uses following names for this feature: Smart View, AllShare Cast, Screen Mirror or Miracast)

To send content from your device, you must first connect your device wirelessly to the Trio. Polycom cannot guarantee connectivity with all Miracast compatible devices but connectivity has been validated to work well with Samsung smartphones and tablets using Android 4.4+ as well as the Microsoft Surface® 3 Pro and Surface® 4 Pro using Microsoft Windows 10.


Note: Current Trio implementation does not support group owner mode (Example Asus ZenPad 10). 


If you are using a device supporting Group Owner this error message will appear:




Note: Wireless Display can't be used on Trio configured for WLAN mode. WLAN and Wireless Display are mutually exclusive. One of reasons is that a modular room architecture that is the base of Visual+ to Trio communications does not support WLAN.


The Trio can display content to a maximum resolution and frame rate of 720@60fps or 1080@30fps. If a Trio is configured to auto-negotiate the frame rate of transmitted content some tablets might send 1080p 60fps video which can cause multiple second latency in mirroring and visual artifacts, or both.


Troubleshooting Wireless Display

This section lists solutions to common issues you may have using Wireless Display on Trio.


My Trio does not advertise on my smartphone/tablet,If the Trio does not advertise on your smartphone or tablet device:

  • Ensure Wi-Fi is enabled on your device and set the band to 2.4GHz or Auto.

The Auto setting is preferred to allow the connecting device better access to a free wireless channel.

  • Ensure the correct country of operation is set and that both bands are selected on the Trio by configuring the following:


  • Note that the WLAN operating mode on the Trio is mutually exclusive of the Wireless Display feature. You can enable Wireless Display only if wired Ethernet is used for calling and conferencing. Ensure wired Ethernet is used for calling and conferencing by configuring the following:


Download the attached => here <= and unzip and import via the Web Interface. 


Suggested Logging:


<logging log.level.change.wdisp="0" log.level.change.apps="0""0" log.render.level="0" log.render.file.size="5000" />


Download the attached => here <= and unzip and import via the Web Interface. 


In addition please also supply the plcmsyslog.tar.gz file to Polycom support in case you experience any issues.


Please be aware:

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The above is necessary in order to track issue internally within Polycom.

You are welcome to post more questions or configuration or logs for other community members to look at but if your issue requires a fix via Polycom you must go via the official support structure.

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