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[FAQ] Polycom Desktop Connector PDC

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[FAQ] Polycom Desktop Connector PDC

The Polycom Desktop Connector PDC is a product that has been around for a while.


Due to a security update the "old" application no longer works with current Polycom UC Software versions.


The application extends the desktop of a PC to a compatible VVX phone and allows a user to utlize to use their mouse and keyboard to the VVX. 


After initially enabling this as an Administrator via Menu => Settings => Advanced => Administrator Settings => PDC Configuration and enable this.




This can then be activated by individual users via Menu => Settings => Basic => PDC Configuration






The Desktop user would be the hostname of the PC and the Server Address the IP of the PC




In addition the orientation of the phone in relation to the PC screen can be set to left or right



The PC application will show up a message which should be allowed




The application will show its connected




A popup will appear on the VVX once connected




Once the mouse is moved to the Left or Righ it should appear on the VVX






Basic Configuration



<PDC apps.ucdesktop.adminEnabled="1" apps.ucdesktop.enabled="1" apps.ucdesktop.desktopUserName="Steff-VVX1" apps.ucdesktop.ServerAddress="" apps.ucdesktop.orientation="Left" />



A succesful log should contain


0705131653|pcd  |5|00|makePcDiscoveryPacket() Entering ...
0705131653|pcd  |5|00|makePcDiscoveryPacket() strIpAdd=
0705131653|pcd  |5|00|makePcDiscoveryPacket() SYNERGY PORT=60e0
0705131653|pcd  |5|00|makePcDiscoveryPacket()  MAC ADDR=0004f262be84
0705131653|pcd  |5|00|makePcDiscoveryPacket()  PHONE NAME=phone
0705131653|pcd  |5|00|makePcDiscoveryPacket() SSH PORT=16
0705131653|pdc  |*|00|PDC feature is enabled
0705131653|pdc  |*|00|PDC Client configured. ipAddress: macAddress: 0004f262be8410.252.149.56 Server: Port: 24800 User: Steff-VVX1 Orientation 2 (size: 320 x 240)
0705131653|pgui |*|00|Qt Mouse driver started.





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