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[FAQ] What Ports / Protocols are being used / need to be open in a Firewall?

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[FAQ] What Ports / Protocols are being used / need to be open in a Firewall?

See below Table as an example for Polycom Phones as a list of the ports currently used by the Polycom UC Software.


Port Number Protocol Outgoing Incoming UDP or TCP
21 FTP Provisioning, Logs   TCP
22 SSH Admin Admin TCP
23 Telnet Admin   TCP
53 DNS     UDP
67 DHCP Server   UDP
68 DHCP Client   UDP
69 TFTP Provisioning, Logs   UDP
80 HTTP Provisioning, Logs,Web Interface HTTP Pull Web interface, HTTP Push TCP
123 NTP Time Server   UDP
389 LDAP Directory query Query result TCP/UDP
443 HTTPS Provisioning, Logs HTTP Pull Web interface, HTTP Push TCP
514 SYSLOG Logs   UDP
636 LDAP Directory query Query result TCP/UDP
1719 H.323 RAS Signaling RAS Signaling  
1720 H.323 Signaling Signaling  
2222 RTP Media Packets Media Packets  
2223 RTCP Media Packets Statistic Media Packets Statistic  
5060 SIP SIP Signaling SIP Signaling  
5061 SIP over TLS Secure SIP Signaling Secure SIP Signaling  
7778 OCS      
24800 PDC PDC Client messages PDC Server Messages TCP



  • Telnet is disabled by default.

  • H.323 is available on the VVX 1500 only.

  • RTP and RTCP can use any even port between 2222 and 2269 (2317 in VVX-1500), but this is configurable by setting tcpIpApp.port.rtp.mediaPortRangeStart.

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