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[FAQ] What does the message "Config file error. Error is <Hex #>" / 0x4020 mean?

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[FAQ] What does the message "Config file error. Error is <Hex #>" / 0x4020 mean?

Below is from the SIP 3.2.2 Admin Guide page 5 - 3:


Config file error. Error is <Hex #> (example 0x4020)

If there is an error in the configuration file, you will not be able to reboot the phones.



A configuration file as linked above is the 000000000000.cfg or <mac>.cfg.


Example (SIP 3.2.6):


<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>
<!-- Default Master SIP Configuration File-->
<!-- For information on configuring Polycom VoIP phones please refer to the -->
<!-- Configuration File Management white paper available from: -->
<!-- -->
<!-- $RCSfile: 000000000000.cfg,v $  $Revision: $ -->
<APPLICATION_VVX1500 CONFIG_FILES_VVX1500="phone1.cfg, sip.cfg"/>
<!-- Change sip_vvx1500.cfg to sip_vvx1500_H323.cfg to enable H.323 if so licensed -->
<APPLICATION_SPIP300 APP_FILE_PATH_SPIP300="sip_212.ld" CONFIG_FILES_SPIP300="phone1_212.cfg, sip_212.cfg"/>
<APPLICATION_SPIP500 APP_FILE_PATH_SPIP500="sip_212.ld" CONFIG_FILES_SPIP500="phone1_212.cfg, sip_212.cfg"/>
<APPLICATION_SPIP301 APP_FILE_PATH_SPIP301="sip_313.ld" CONFIG_FILES_SPIP301="phone1_313.cfg, sip_313.cfg"/>
<APPLICATION_SPIP501 APP_FILE_PATH_SPIP501="sip_313.ld" CONFIG_FILES_SPIP501="phone1_313.cfg, sip_313.cfg"/>
<APPLICATION_SPIP600 APP_FILE_PATH_SPIP600="sip_313.ld" CONFIG_FILES_SPIP600="phone1_313.cfg, sip_313.cfg"/>
<APPLICATION_SPIP601 APP_FILE_PATH_SPIP601="sip_313.ld" CONFIG_FILES_SPIP601="phone1_313.cfg, sip_313.cfg"/>
<APPLICATION_SSIP4000 APP_FILE_PATH_SSIP4000="sip_313.ld" CONFIG_FILES_SSIP4000="phone1_313.cfg, sip_313.cfg"/>


The specific part here:

CONFIG_FILES="capture.cfg,phone1.cfg, sip.cfg"

 defines the order and which files are loaded.


Missing, as an example, the capture.cfg file due a spelling mistake or simply not being a file within this directory would cause the above noted error message.


Removing the filename from the configuration file or ensuring that the file exists and is correctly spelled would solve the error message.


You must review the provisioning server configuration, make the correction, and reapply the configuration file by restarting the phones.


This error also happens when phone does a restart (not a reboot) and finds a newer version of BootROM or application; this triggers a reboot. Usually this error is self-recoverable.


Above simply means that there is an issue with the Phones configuration and/or the provisioning server and the relevant configuration files used to provision the phone either have a wrong or missing parameter / file.


The phone will write its log files to the provisioning server if enabled by the server,


The best way forward is usually to check for the latest compatible software and re-provision the phone.

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