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[FAQ] What is the Polycom Phones Microbrowser / Applications?

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[FAQ] What is the Polycom Phones Microbrowser / Applications?

The VVX business media phones support a full web browser and microbrowser.


  • The VVX 101 business media phone does not support a microbrowser 
  • The VVX 201 business media phone now supports a microbrowser (UC Software 5.5.0 or later). However, due to the smaller screen size, the VVX 201 microbrowser behavior and display differ in appearance from other VVX phone models. 


The functions and performance of the microbrowser and web browser vary by phone model.

You can configure the microbrowser and web browser to display a non-interactive web page on the phone’s idle screen, and you can specify an interactive home web page that you can launch in a web browser. When you select a link that displays on the idle browser the phone launches that link in the web browser.


  • On the VVX 1500 phone, you can launch the web browser by pressing the App key on the phone or by navigating to Menu > Applications.
  • On the VVX 201, 3xx series, 4xx series, 5xx series, and 6xx series phones, go to Home > Applications


NOTE: The screen may look differently depending on the software version or the Theme used.


Setting up the Microbrowser:




On VVX 50x and 60x series business media phones, you can use the parameter up.OffHookIdleBrowserView.enabled to enable the microbrowser and associated soft keys to continue to display on the phone when the phone goes off-hook (UC Software 5.5.0 or later). The microbrowser will continue to display until the user enters a number. Typically, the microbrowser only displays when the phone is idle and not in a call. 


Idle Display:



NOTE: The VVX 201, 3xx series, 4xx series do not support the Idle Browser but can utilize this as a Screensafer.


Main Browser:




Navigation Bar disappears



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